Civ US UK semestre 1


First Name                                                   Surname


Questions : give short answers to the following questions :


1) On what grounds did William of Normandy claim a right to the English throne ?




2) Who was Thomas Beckett and what happened to him ?




3) What was Magna Carta and why was it important ?




4) Why did Edward III begin the Hundred Years’ War (give at least two reasons)?




5) Apart from the direct effect of the disease measured in terms of the number of people who died, what social and perhaps even philosophical  effects did the Black Death have ?




6) Which were the two dynasties, or houses, involved in the “Wars of the Roses” ?




7) Give the name and fate  (delete the inappropriate answers) of each of Henry VIII’s wives:


C. of A.

marriage annulled/beheaded/died of natural causes

















8) How did Henry VIII respond to excommunication?




9) What were the two sides in the Civil War known as? What was the name of the great leader who became Lord Protector during the Commonwealth?




10) What happened at the “Glorious Revolution”?