Civilisation britannique/British history, institutions and society

Seminars (TDs) Andréa Baron, Anne-Claire Cauhapé and Fabienne Gaspari, 12 one-hour sessions (group A Monday 1.30 room 318 ACC, gp B Monday 9.30 room 121 AB, group C Monday 11.30 room 134 ACC, group D Friday 10.00 room 121 ACC)

Week 1 20-24 February 2006.
Britain and the Second World War: making plans for a better tomorrow.

During the Second World War, even when Britain was facing the prospect of a German invasion after the fall of France and the Dunkirk evacuation, many people were turning their minds to the future. In part this was born of a desire to know not only what Britain was fighting against: Hitler and Nazi Germany, but in a more positive sense what Britain was fighting for. This was put with great clarity in a leading article published in The Times in July 1940 (document 1). The best-known of the wartime blueprints for a better tomorrow is Sir William Beveridge's report on Social Insurance and Allied Services, published in December 1942. Document 2 shows three crucially important paragraphs from the introduction. Document 3 is a chart published by the Daily Mirror explaining to the general public what "Beveridge" would do for them. Document 4 is an extract from the Labour party's general election manifesto, 1945.