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Civilisation britannique/British history, institutions and society

Lectures (Cours) Michael Parsons, 11 one-hour lectures (Wednesday 10 a.m.) amphi 3.

Seminars (TDs) Anne-Claire Cauhapé 11 one-hour sessions (group A Tuesday 9,00 to 10,00 room 121, gp B Friday 10,00 to 11,00 room 114, group C Tuesday 13,00 to 14,00 room 11 and group D Tuesday 16,30 to 17,30 room 121)

This course is designed to help students gain a better understanding of twentieth and twenty-first century Britain, essentially from 1940 onwards, with a particular emphasis on contemporary issues. Lectures and seminars will refer extensively to the set text Gérard BLAMONT & Anne PAQUETTE, Les clés de la civilisation britannique, Paris: Ellipses, 2000.

The first three lectures and seminars will focus on British history from 1940 to the present day. Lectures and seminars will then follow the order of chapters in Les clés de la civilisation britannique. Regular assessment will ensure that students have assimilated the material covered in lectures, seminars and reading of the set text. Lecture notes will be posted here and material for seminars here. Students are expected to maintain an active interest in British current affairs. Links to appropriate web sites are provided above ("Press and media" and "Links"). The first semester set book will remain a useful source for 20th century history: McDOWALL, David. An Illustrated History of Britain. London: Longman, 1991. Further reading suggestions can be found here.